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Note: Regular tickets sale will end on May 15th 2019. ”Late Bird“ tickets will be available for purchase until June 5th 2019 but will not include any guaranteed giveaways like T-shirts or bags.

With all the proceeds and sponsoring money we're able to finance catering, our social events and parties and some special surprises to make TYPO3camp Berlin even more special.

To help make it more inclusive an event as well we're offering a bunch of Diversity Tickets at a slightly higher price. We will use the additional proceeds to fund discounted tickets for students and people with mental or physical impairment. Moreover they enable us to invest in some more details that everyone attending TYPO3camp will benefit from. 

In the ticket order form you will be asked some detail questions, e.g. if you suffer from any food intolerances or allergies (will be taken into account when planning with the caterer) or how and where you use TYPO3 in your business and private life. You will be offered the option to attend our pre-event on Friday afternoon as well. All you have to do is check the according checkbox that appears in the process (standalone pre-event tickets are available as well, in case you forgot your checkmark or want to solely attend the pre-event).

Please make sure to have the ticket with you when registering at the venue.

By buying your ticket to TYPO3camp Berlin you agree with the TYPO3 Event Code of Conduct that is valid throughout the event.

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The procedure

TYPO3camp = Participation

Following the thoughtful slogan „Inspiring people to share“ the TYPO3camp Berlin offers many options to meet new people and old friends and to share knowledge.

Sharing the gathered knowledge and experience will be organized by offering session slots of 45 minutes each.

The sessions' topics will be solely proposed and prepared by the attendees. On Saturday morning the big session planning will take place where the final session lineup for the whole weekend is going to be scheduled.

Everyone attending TYPO3camp Berlin is called upon to share his experience to as many topics around TYPO3 as he wishes to. Of course, this shall be rewarded – everyone speaking will be receiving a present gifted by our media partners at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Learn more about other ways of helping to shape TYPO3camp Berlin.