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Meet the team

Profilbild Sebastian Kreideweiß

Sebastian Kreideweiß


Sebastian is part of the lead-organizational team of the TYPO3camp Berlin and as community member, developer, project manager and coach, he brings over 13 years of experience with CMS TYPO3 to the table. His start at CPS-IT GmbH was in 2008 and he leads a large team of developers with the focus on TYPO3.

  • TYPO3
  • Community
  • Presenter

Nora Schilling


Nora changed careers in 2017 and works now in an online editorial department.
- Originally wanted to “do something with…” medicine, but this only lasted for 10 years
- Produced approximately 30 children within 4 years and has analyzed many blood samples
- Her helping hands have been a part of the T3CB for five years already
- She owns roughly 200 books but only 2 pairs of shoes

Profilbild Christian Hellmuth

Christian Hellmuth


„After completing my degree in applied computer sciences in 2008, I ventured into self-employment and have been working as a freelancer in Berlin ever since. As a TYPO3 integration and frontend developer I support agencies with projects of all sizes and also service mostly TYPO3-based websites of small and medium-sized businesses. When I´m not working for my clients, I like to play snooker, go to concerts in smaller clubs around Berlin or take care of my carnivorous plants at my office.”

  • Frontend development
  • TYPO3 integration
Profilbild Hannes Gräf

Hannes Gräf


„I am no techie but I work a lot with net-related stuff in general and more specifically TYPO3. I especially like open-minded people and functioning websites. In my free-time I like to motorcycle and if it snows I like to snowboard.”

  • Sponsorship Acquisition
Profilbild Göran Bodenschatz

Göran Bodenschatz


is: father, husband, developer, physicist
likes: podcasts, Club-Mate, Apple (not the food), Berlin
can: internet stuff
does: internet stuff

  • Father
  • Husband
  • Developer
  • Physicist
Profilbild René Pflamm

René Pflamm

pantanet GmbH

„Father, husband, developer & hobby photographer. Key words, which describe what keeps me busy. I work a lot with TYPO3 – I am a certified integration developer and I also work on extension development. In my free time I often do things with my family and I like to take photos.”

  • TYPO3 Flow
  • TYPO3 Extbase