This is how you can shape the Camp

Conduct/Hold a session

The TYPO3camp Berlin is primarily about contents of course. And these contents develop especially in the sessions.

A session’s regular time frame is about 45min long, during which you can give a presentation, lead a discussion or otherwise contribute to the event.

The topics for the sessions will only be collected at the beginning of the camp. So you will have the opportunity to briefly introduce your content to the other camp participants and afterwards everyone votes on the different topics. Depending on the popularity of each topic, they will be integrated in the program.

This spontaneous way of planning the sessions is central for the structure and the success of BarCamps.

Integration & Community

The TYPO3camp Berlin is an event from the community for the community. Everyone, no matter the gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, is welcome to participate and to join the camp.

You can help to make the TYPO3camp Berlin an inclusive and friendly event for the exchange of knowledge by being respectful and open-minded towards all participants.

Helping Hand

An event like the TYPO3camp Berlin is a lot of work – be it the preparations for the camp or everything that is to do on-site during the camp. Therefore, every bit of support is greatly appreciated!

If you want to help, please send us an email and tell us how you can or would like to support us.

Here is a short list of examples that we could use your help with:

  • Construction and break-down of equipment
  • Welcoming of participants
  • Document the camp by taking photos or videos
  • Clean-up

What will you be talking about?

The TYPO3camp exists through its participants. Share your knowledge and talk about your experiences with TYPO3, for example about the use of an exciting extension, your way of integrating templates or your experiences with FAL or rights management. There are plenty of exciting topics and definitely enough people who would be interested in your session.

What are the topics that you are interested in or what would you like to talk about?

Send us an email

Your employees at the TYPO3camp

Why should you send your employees to the TYPO3camp in Berlin? The very readable blog-article (in German!) by Vivian Pein explains what a BarCamp exactly is, how it is structured and how your business can profit from your employees’ attendance of such a camp.